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Have you ever found yourself working hastily to complete a task before an approaching deadline, while silently cursing yourself for not starting it earlier? If so, you're not alone! If you have been struggling with procrastination for a while and find it difficult to overcome it despite knowing it is bad for you, take heart! No one is beyond help. That fact that you procrastinate does not mean you are inherently lazy or inefficient. Your procrastination is simply a habit that has a specific origin, but it is still a habit you can overcome.

Overcome this challenge and enjoy positive change

Learn the strategies for reducing procrastination. We'll help you explore the values, passions and needs that ignite you to take action. By understanding these better we can soon discover how to ignite your enthusiasm and take leaps forward. We also look at more creative ways of approaching your tasks, tapping into a suite of techniques for reducing procrastination more tactically.