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Get an Access To Work Grant for funded support at work

Access to Work grants are available to adults with ADHD who are struggling to be fully productive. You can claim Access to Work whether you're self-employed, are starting a company, run your own company or are an employee. Use the grant for various means. The grant can fund ADHD coaching, a virtual assistant, software and equipment to help you flourish in your business or role.

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We're here to help you get the funding you need.

As daunting as applying for Access to Work may seem, ADHD Success can help. We will gather all the information we need from you about what you struggle with, why that's down to your ADHD and what support could help for your productivity. We will write a robust case for your application and submit this to Access to Work rapidly on you behalf.

Use Access to Work funding to get ADHD coaching

ADHD coaching is a well known and effective method helping you to manage many of the symptoms which block you being at your best in the workplace.

The grant can be used to pay for a personal assistant

A personal assistant is a remote worker who can help you with planning, organisation, admin and other tasks that your ADHD brain finds challenging.

Use it to pay for workplace tools and software

Access to Work funding has been used to pay for tools such as noise cancelling and our ADHD-friendly project management software.

Made easy

Support to get the grant and help you need

Getting the right information

Through an easy online form we collect the relevant information so we can build the strongest case for your Access To Work application.

Making your application

Whereas many adults with ADHD put off their application wasting £000's in available grant each month, your application will be made promptly.

Access to Work interview

You will receive a copy of the submission we made  on your behalf, so that you'll have all the salient information at your fingertips during the interview.

Grant award

After your interview with your Access to Work case manager you will be informed about the amount they will award you for the coming 12 months.

Practical Support

Use the grant for help and tools that make your job easier, such as our ADHD eduction, training, coaching, virtual assistant and software.

Income and Benefits

As long as you work more than 1 hour per week you can claim the grant. It doesn't need to be repaid, and it doesn't affect your other benefits.

Who is Eligible?

Any adult with ADHD who is employed or is in business. You could be starting a business, self-employed or already running a business.

How Do I Apply?

Simply click on the Get Started button below, set up an account with us then purchase the Access to Work application service.

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Customer testimonials

We've helped many ADHD adults, whether employed, self-employed, starting or running a business to successfully get their Access to Work grant - and to obtain a significantly greater grant, matched to their needs.

"I would recommend the Access to Work Grant service to anyone trying to get funding for help with ADHD. I run my own small creative agency and kept meaning to make the application but never did of course. When ADHD Success did it for me the grant is now paying for the coaching and tools I need. I even have an assistant who is doing all the boring stuff."


Founder, creative agency

"The grant I got through ADHD Success was like a lottery win. I now have a coach and my manager is reporting a real difference in my work performance. My only regret was not doing this months ago!"


IT Project Manager

"I've been trying to sort out my productivity issues for so long and my business was stagnating. It was really frustrating and upsetting me. When I got my grant through ADHD Success I was shocked just how much I received. I have an admin support, software and a coach all funded by Access To Work. My business is now growing and it's made the biggest difference to me in years. Thank you!"


Owner, physiotherapy practices company

"I'm successful at lots of things in my business but really struggle with my patience, emotions and communications with people in my business. I've been too impulsive and impatient for too long and it's damaging important relationships. Now I'm turning this around with a coach I got full funding for through ADHD Success."


MD, construction company



We'll submit a robust application for you and see it all the way through.

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Some of the commonly asked and answered questions below. If you require more information then please contact us using the methods below.

Who is eligible for an Access to Work grant?

Access to Work grants are available to adults with ADHD who are struggling to be fully productive. You can claim Access to Work whether you're self-employed, are starting a company, run your own company or are an employee.

What qualifies as work?

You need to have a paid job (or be about to start or return to one). A paid job can be full or part-time and can include: employment self-employment an apprenticeship a work trial or work experience an internship a work placement You cannot get Access to Work support for voluntary work.

What if I disagree with a decision or want to complain?

If you disagree with the decision, call the Access to Work helpline to ask someone to reconsider your application. You can also call the helpline if you're unhappy with how your case has been handled or the service you've received.

What is the amount of grant I can expect to get?

There is no set amount for an Access to Work grant. How much you get depends on your specific case. The grant will only cover the support needed to let you stay in work or in self-employment. There is an annual cap on the total amount of support that can be provided under Access to Work; this is currently set at £66,000.

What if my circumstances change after the decision has been made?

You must tell Access to Work by calling the helpline if your circumstances change. This could be if, for example: your name, address, contact details or workplace address changes you change jobs your disability, illness or health condition changes

What if I regularly work out of the country?

If your job is normally based in Great Britain, but you are asked to travel out of the country as part of your duties, Access to Work support would be provided but may be limited.

What Access to Work will not pay for?

Access to Work will not pay for reasonable adjustments. These are the changes your employer must legally make to support you to do your job. Access to Work will advise your employer if changes should be made as reasonable adjustments.

What if I change jobs after a grant has been awarded to me?

If you change employers, you may be able to transfer equipment to your new employer. You cannot automatically transfer awards for support workers or travel. You would need to contact the Access to Work team to discuss your new arrangements.

What can the grant be used for?

The grant can be used for help and tools that make your work easier, such as our ADHD education, training, coaching, virtual assistant services, software and more.

I receive Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), can I get Access to Work?

You can get Access to Work and ESA at the same time if you work less than 16 hours a week. There are rules about working while claiming ESA. You can ask us for advice and support

How to claim money from my grant?

You can claim money from your grant online or by post. To claim money from your grant online, you'll need to create an Access to Work portal account. To claim money from your grant you'll need to provide: the dates you had support invoices or receipts showing the cost of your support bank details for the person or company who will receive the money from the grant You may also need the details of a workplace contact who can confirm the support you're claiming for.

How should I prepare for my ADHD assessment?

You don’t need to undertake any special preparations. Although it’s helpful if, before your assessment, you can think of the symptoms you have which make you think you have ADHD. Try to recall the experiences you had at school, with your family when you were younger, and socialising generally. If you have any school reports for instance, that my be useful. Also, think about everyday things you find difficult that other people find easy: things such as timekeeping, forgetfulness, getting distracted easily, getting bored, daydreaming, fidgeting and having more energy than you can control, problems getting to sleep, staying asleep, and getting up in the morning. The more of these kinds of examples of the problems which can be put down to ADHD the more certainty we can put into your assessment.

Does my financial status matter?

It does not matter how much you earn. If you get an Access to Work grant, it will not affect any other benefits you get and you will not have to pay it back. You or your employer may need to pay some costs up front and claim them back later.

Can I apply if I am a UK civil servant?

No, you cannot directly apply for Access to Work. If you are a UK civil servant then apply through one of these two organisations: Able Futures or Maximus

Are there any other diagnosis costs?

There are no other diagnosis costs. If you choose to try ADHD medication then you will need to see the psychiatrist for follow up appointments whist trialling the medication. This process is called 'titration'. Patients typically require three titration appointments that are £295 each. Due to the nature of the ADHD medication you will need to follow-up appointments with the psychiatrist each subsequent year. Also, in the unlikely event that your GP is unwilling to enter into a shared care agreement to prescribed your medication then you will need to purchase prescriptions every month from the psychiatrist.

Do I get a refund if I don't have ADHD?

No. You are arranging for a private ADHD diagnosis as you believe that you have the symptoms of ADHD. To make such a diagnosis there is an investment of time by the consultant psychiatrist who will arrange for you to undergo a series of assessments, provide you with a diagnosis report and have a consultation with you. There are some other conditions that can have signs and symptoms similar to ADHD and the psychiatrist will be required to exclude these other conditions when determining whether you have ADHD. If you do not have ADHD it may be that you have a different physical or mental health condition that may require treatment in any case.

Can I renew my grant?

You'll need to renew your Access to Work grant before it ends if you use it to pay for ongoing support (for example, coaching). Your decision letter will say when your grant ends. You can apply to renew it 12 weeks before this.

Still have questions?

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