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ADHD funding options

There are a number of ways to fund your ADHD coaching and support services, from self-funding, through to employer sponsorship and the UK government Access to Work grant.

Access to Work grant

How to get government funding for your ADHD coaching and support.

Employer funding

Having your employer fund your workplace support.

Through your business

Tax benefits of ADHD coaching services as a business expense.


Ways to make out-of-pocket spending more feasible.

Access to Work grant

Access to Work grants are available to adults with ADHD who are struggling to be fully productive. You can claim Access to Work whether you're self-employed, are starting a company, run your own company or are an employee. Use the grant for various means of ADHD support.

  • Can fund ADHD productivity coaching

  • Optional personal assistant funding

  • Done For You application service

Paperwork from Access to Work team. ADHD Success is helping a client get an Access to Work grant for ADHD coaching
Female HR professional points pen at paperwork to help male employee get ADHD coaching funding with ADHD Success.

Employer funding

Equality and workplace accessibility legislation gives ADHD employees the right to support from their employer. Typically you will need to have a conversation with your HR department, which will draw upon its learning and development budget to support you.

  • Aligned to your employer's goal for a productive workplace.

  • Simple to arrange.

  • We can provide you with a quotation to support your discussion.

Through your business

The most successful entrepreneurs have always turned to coaching to improve their performance and grow their businesses. ADHD coaching is an essential resource for ADHD entrepreneurs and is a tax deductible expense so you pay less.

  • Immediate, so you can start coaching straight away.

  • No third-party involved in the decision.

  • The net fee for ADHD coaching and support is 75% of the invoice.

Small business meeting in glass-fronted small room. The business founder is having ADHD coaching with ADHD Success.
Beautiful middle-aged woman on sofa smiling at laptop. She is arranging ADHD coaching with ADHD Success.


You may want to self-fund your ADHD coaching fully or in the short-term whilst waiting for an Access to Work grant decision. Some clients fund coaching through savings or spread the costs on a credit card.

  • Monthly payment option to match your cash flow.

  • Single payment option with a discount to reduce fees.

  • Range of ADHD coaching services for all budgets.

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