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Ready to Unleash Your Full Potential?

Thrive in the workplace with Expert ADHD Coaching Support for business owners, senior executives, managers and employees.

Some of the ways our ADHD Coaching can help you

Improve efficiency

Discover how to optimise your day, eliminate time-wasting habits and squeeze more out of your day, whilst also reducing task-related stress.

Increase productivity

Learn strategies and techniques specifically for ADHD-friendly brain performance based on neuroscience and countless success stories.

Stay focused

Drawing on your strengths and values, we'll help you to discover what truly matters so that you build mental clarity, purpose and focus.

Improve relationships

Our coaching goes beyond daily productivity - it can help you build more beneficial relationships with those around you.


ADHD productivity support

We have everything you need to help you to take excel in your business or your role.
From booking an ADHD course to getting a grant that could make your coaching FREE.


FocusFlow™ ADHD Programme

Unique ADHD support programme providing ongoing support for your productivity and wellbeing - helping you to reach your full potential. Fund via a business, employer or Access to Work.

Apply for

Access to Work grant

Discover how to get a grant that could make your coaching FREE.


One-to-One Coaching

Great for a laser focus on specific work or life goals.


Group ADHD Coaching

Navigating ADHD challenges and strategies in a supportive group.


Mental Fitness Training

Discover your mental saboteurs and how to overcome them.


Coaching overview

Our Head ADHD Coach discusses coaching for Business Owners, Employees, Managers and Senior Executives.

It's all here

Full range of ADHD services

Everything you need to improve your productivity and wellbeing.


FocusFlow™ Programme to boost ADHD productivity

Uncover the mental saboteurs holding you back, gain new insights into your strengths, discover executive functions strategies, receive group and one-to-one get coaching. It's designed as a comprehensive pathway for you to positively impact your productivity, relationships and wellbeing.

Done for you

Access to Work grant applications for ADHD

The grant offers the potential to fund ongoing ADHD support for you as a business owner or employee. Our Access to Work application service is designed to remove the burden of making the application whilst also aiming to boost the level of the award you could receive.


One-to-One ADHD Coaching

Whilst FocusFlow™ suits 99% of our clients, we also support those times when you just want to double-down on a particular goal. Through having more access to our principal coach, this package typically fits the budget of established business owners or senior executives.


ADHD Virtual Assistant

Are you exhausted from feeling overwhelmed, constantly missing deadlines or facing last-minute panic? Many of our clients have found immense relief by utilising a virtual assistant tailored to help navigate the challenges of managing ADHD symptoms. Bid farewell to missed deadlines and overlooked details with our innovative virtual assistant trained specifically for ADHD support.

Increase personal performance

Are any of the following challenges familiar to you? These challenges can hold you back in life and cause much frustration. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Emotional Regulation

Learn the source of destructive emotions and strategies to tame them.

Focus and Distraction

Learn strategies to help build attention where it matters most.


Learn how to navigate out of the endless forest of tasks.


Stop stopping and start starting. Learn how to avoid avoiding.


Strategies to boost your productivity and not lose more time.

Rejection Sensitivity

Helping you be less susceptible feeling criticised or dismissed.

Stress and Anxiety

How to stop feeling uneasiness and dread.

Time Management

Estimate task durations better and manage your time budget.

Client feedback

"Just by using some simple techniques that you've taught me, I've managed to sleep better, I've managed to start projects and finish them, which is more important. And generally I'm feeling so much happier with myself."


Vetenary entrepreneur

"My life is very busy and I didn't feel I could allocate a lot of time to coaching. But yeah, it's been really helpful. Now, I feel I'm getting my stuff together. When you start to feel the improvement, you'll be happy you invested the time."


Investment Manager

"Even after our first coaching session together something started to change. I reflected on the new insights and then something clicked. The next day, in the first round of golf I played, I hit a hole in one - which I've never done before. Everyone I was with that day noticed the difference in me."


Property Developer

"I've been trying to sort out my productivity issues for so long and my business was stagnating. It was really frustrating and upsetting me. You helped me with my Access to Work application and now all all the coach support I need is funded. My business is now growing and it's made the biggest difference to me in years. Thank you!"


Owner, physiotherapy practices company

"I was diagnosed with ADHD quite recently and it came as a shock. The first thing I did was go online and buy lots of books. I tried various strategies and they stuck for a little bit then things went back to normal. The work you've done with me on procrastination and focus has been nothing short of life-changing. I'm getting positive feedback from my manager now as I'm delivering the important things on time. My stress has gone down and I'm much happier too."


Senior IT Developer

Where do you want to explore first?

ADHD Coaching

Best-in-class ADHD coaching for business owners, executives, managers and employees.

Grant to fund ADHD Coaching

Discover how to get a grant that could make your coaching totally FREE.

Virtual Assistant

Boost productivity, reduce stress with an ADHD-trained virtual assistant.