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Feature-packed group coaching combining education, coaching and community.

Group coaching sessions and training that deep dive into ADHD challenges and strategies.

What's included

Develop comprehensive tools to create change in a group setting which will help you in your professional and personal life

ADHD Education

Learn about your ADHD, whast blocks it and how to access your strengths.

Peer learning

Gain insights from the challenges and successes of others on a similar journey to yourself.


Training on reducing boredom and distraction and moving to action and completion.

Progress check

Stay on track knowing that your coach is checking your progress.

Interpersonal coaching

Improve your communictions and build significant, supportive relationships.

Budget friendly

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to invest in yourself and create a better future.

Email support

Reach out to the coaching team between sessions to support your journey.


Helps develop meaningful insights into who you are and how to get the best from your brain.

How it can benefit you

In addition to learning proven ADHD strategies presented by the coach, you'll also benefit from discovering the strategies that work for other ADHD adults.

Learn from peers

Discover the real-life challenges and strategies of other ADHD adults like yourself.

Budget friendly

Get specialist ADHD group coaching at a fraction of the cost of one-to-one sessions.

How it works

Through a series of group coaching sessions you'll be taken thought each of the core ADHD challenges. Following live coaching in each session we discuss relevant ADHD solutions participants found have worked best for them. From each session there are worksheets and actions for you to undertake that help you tailor the strategies to your needs. During the programme you can attend additional ADHD webinars twice monthly that reinforce the coaching themes.

ADHD-friendly admin

Coaching portal auto invoicing, action planner and journaling tool

Video and content

Training covers the ADHD challenges in-depth and includes optional worksheets

Book a FREE coaching taster

Experience the benefits of ADHD coaching first-hand with a no-commitment, 45-minute full coaching session.


Many of your questions may be answering by comparing our coaching packages.

ADHD Coaching vs other coaching?

Life coaching and executive coaching deal are based on general coaching models suitable for the "neurotypical" majority. As well as having life and executive coach training, our ADHD coaches have additional, special training to use tools, skills and techniques designed to help ADHD clients to produce better outcomes and quality of life.

How is coaching different to therapy?

Coaching is for people who are ready for a change and are willing to take action. Individuals may seek the support of therapy when working through emotional challenges. Therapy can help to answer the ‘Why’ questions. Coaching focuses more on ‘What’ a client wants and ‘How’ to get there. Many clients choose a coaching only approach to ADHD, some undertake coaching and therapy in parallel.

How long does it take to see results?

Clients start having benefits from the very first session itself. As the sessions advance, you will find that the benefits are cumulative and begin to move you forward faster.

What benefits can I expect?

Through the coaching process, clients report a deepening self-awareness, improvement in performance and enhancement in their quality of life. The coaching programme can help you move from frustration, stress, and struggle to being more productive and happier across all areas of your life.

Will the results last?

Our Coaching Programmes are designed to help you identify what your brain needs to produce the results you desire. Through your coaching sessions, your insights and actions lay the foundation for sustainable positive results. We help you to identify the best structures for you to maintain your gains in the long-run.

What ways can I fund the coaching?

There are various ways to fund your ADHD coaching. Entrepreneurs and professionals will typically purchase coaching through a business. As the coaching is a business expense, coaching is then tax deductible, which reduces the net cost of the coaching. Employed clients often seek coaching funding from their employers. Companies often having budgets set aside specifically to support staff. In the UK entrepreneurs, professionals and managers and employees have the potential to have most or all of the coaching funded via a government scheme. Lastly, you can choose to make a single payment for the coaching programme (for ease of personal admin) or pay by instalments (for affordability). Feel free to discuss this with the options with the coach during the taster coaching session. Please contact support about ways we can help you to maximise a government grant that covers ADHD coaching.

Can I sample some coaching?

Yes. We offer a free coaching taster session in which we can help you to identify coachable goals, the hidden obstacles and possible areas of improvement. In this way you are able to experience coaching first-hand and we are able to assess our mutual fit for a coaching relationship. Based on our conversation, we are able to discuss a high-level plan for your coaching. Click 'FREE Coaching Taster' button in the top menu.

Still have questions?

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